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Alchemex Intelligence Reporting

How many of us like writing our reports in Excel?  There are no exceptions all of us use spreadsheets to query our data and report in either tables or a graph.

Many businesses have developed complex workbooks that require many hours of preparation each month.  Extraction of data from the business software requires precise steps and only highlights the potential to make a mistake.  Then if there is a change or additional information the whole process must be started again.

Most of us have heard the horror stories of reports going to the board, to only find out later that the information was wrong due to an error in preparation.

There must be an easier way? 

Yes, Alchemex Intelligence Reporting.

By going beyond the standard accounting software reports, Alchemex is able to offer you an innovative and flexible Excel-based financial reporting tool designed for small, medium and large enterprises (SME’s). The Alchemex Intelligence Reporting dynamically links to Microsoft Excel where your information can be viewed and manipulated to give you greater insight into your business – and as long as the information is stored in an accessible database, you can access sales, financials, inventory and purchasing reporting.

Some of the typical reports we create are:

  • Management Pack (in a variety of layouts
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cashflow statements
  • Sales Report - manipulate your sales data to see different views
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing

Case Study 1.

A Pharmaceutical supply company was spending days post their month end producing their monthly management pack.  Often it had data entry errors and if adjustment journals were entered to the accounts the process had to start again.  This was frustrating for all.

So we produced an alchemex definition that extracts the information within seconds.  No more waiting for the correct information.

The Financial Controller has now been freed up to complete more pro-active duties.

Case Study 2.

One of our clients was spending hours each week analysing their inventory and sales to calculate their best re order quantities.  Periodically, they over ordered draining available working capital. Periodically, they under ordered missing out on sales.

An alchemex report was created, quickly analysing the inventory and sales to produce a more accurate suggested re order quantity.  Reducing the drain on cash and sales