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Acctek On Site and Remote Consulting

Acctek provide on site and remote consulting for:

  • Software Selection:  We provide an independent view to selecting the right software for your business.  We work with you to determine what is critical for your operation and growth then apply to the software selection.  Sales staff only tell you what they want to tell you!

  • Software Installation:  Installation is not necessarily loading a disk and selecting install.  There are many things to consider such as network or configuration issues.  Acctek goes beyond installing the software; we assist you with importing your existing data from your old system.

  • Cloud based Software:  Requires the same configuration

  • Software configuration:  All the software packages have parameter settings.  "Personalising" your settings means you get the most from your new software.

  • Customised reports:  Standard reports are often not suitable for individual needs. 
    Alchemex Intelligence reporting gives us enormous reporting power to generate queries on your data to give information in Microsoft Excel that presents management with information to guide those important decisions
    We continue to use the well proven Crystal Reports for traditional management reports such as sales analysis. Using your existing data we can capture a wide variety of management reports.  Good sales reports are valuable.

  • Data maintenance and Data Integrity:  All databases experience a wide variety of integrity issues and it may be necessary to correct the problems.  These errors are are largely created due to network systems and hardware.
    We have built a suite of tools and experience to identify the problem and apply the remedial action to minimise down time.
    As your Accounting system is in operation for the entire business day it is the most likely to display such problems.  If you experience Data Integrity issues with your data please contact us for an assessment

Remote Consulting.

We have found that a lot of our consulting work can be done from our office. This allows us to attend to your needs on a timely and efficient basis.

We use latest technology utilities that protects your security, and allows us to access your system from our office.