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Sage Pastel Partner Accounting

The Pastel range of financial and accounting software is one of the most comprehensive suites of financial software in the world.

The combination of ease-of use, innovation and flexibility makes Sage Pastel Partner the perfect accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses. Suited to a multi-user and multi-company environment, this rapid processing business accounting application has been the mainstay of Australian business for over 20 years. There are various modules which can be added on to Sage Pastel Partner, so that as your business grows, so too does your financial accounting package!

Sage Pastel Partner is a true multi user system allowing many users to access the system with no degradation in speed.

The drill down functionality allows you to click on an item from any report and see further details. Sage Pastel’s flexible customer account set-up allows you to configure parameters per customer. Create as many customers as you need: Sage Pastel’s high performance database won’t slow you down as your customer base grows.

Inventory management has never been easier. Sage Pastel has built a reputation on strong inventory management. Create and inventory items quickly and easily either "on the fly" or in the inventory module. Stock takes have never been easier and value stock using Australian Accounting preferred method of weighted average cost.

The invoicing function is simple and intuitive; the software allows for the linking of quotations and sales orders. The ‘Recurring Invoice Assistant’ allows for the dynamic adjustment of selling prices. PDF e-mail straight from your accounting package.

Sage Pastel Partner allows for prior year entries to be completed without messy journal entries. Full invoice history is maintained for as many years as you wish. Many customers enjoy the ability to recall invoices from day 1 of business.

Sage Pastel Partner is the ideal business solution, giving you the ability to effectively manage your money and your business. After all, accounting isn’t only about getting the numbers right, it’s also about what you are able to do with those numbers.

Some Optional Modules:

  • Bank Manager
  • Bill of Materials
  • Sage Pastel Business Intelligence Centre
  • Debtors Manager
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Warehousing
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Receipting
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Time and Billing
  • Project Tracker


Additional Pastel Modules

Please click a link below for more information on the particular Pastel module:

HR3 Payroll








HR3 Payroll

HR3 Payroll is an Australian payroll system designed and developed by HR3 Systems in Victoria. Pastel HR3 is designed to integrate with Pastel Accounting, but can be run stand-alone. Developed with ease-of-use in mind, a combination of default settings and systems prompts enable you to produce accurate payslips within minutes! HR3 Payroll combines the savings of an in-house payroll system.

HR3 Payroll ships with an incredibly easy Backup and Restore option - to ensure security. A built-in data integrity check ensures that there are no physical or logical errors on data prior to backup. Plus you have two-level password control to restrict access for other payroll operators.

HR3 Payroll integrates with the Pastel Partner Accounting range. It generates balanced reports and export files of all transactions for posting in these programs.


  • Affordable employee based licences.
  • Annual support contracts give you all the help you need.
  • Multi-company option.
  • Unlimited number of awards, allowances, deductions and pay rates. Awards can be globally updated through a dedicated automated procedure.
  • Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly and fortnightly employees in the same company.
  • Accounts for employee leave by calculating hours leave due per employee and leave liability. Includes facilities for annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, etc.
  • Handles Medicare levy and Superannuation.
  • Current Tax coefficients are supplied. The user can modify these at any time, including year-end.
  • Costing by cost centre or department. Integrate this with cost centre / departmental GL accounts.
  • If required, process selected employees in advance (for example, before they go on leave) without repeating their payslip during the main payroll print run.
  • Full audit trail of transactions.
  • You can pay by cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer or cash with a coinage analysis. EFT listings can be given to your bank electronically, or as hard copy. You can print cheques on pre-printed forms.
  • Easy termination pay-off and reinstatement of an employee.
  • Print Group Certificates at the touch of a button. Lodge Group Certificates electronically.
  • Powerful pre-written reports. Simply select all reports required and print in one run.
  • An ODBC driver is available to allow you to read payroll data and report further.
  • A Multi-User version is available if simultaneous access if required by more than one operator.
  • Rostered Days Off and Earnings History add-on modules are available.


If you want to ensure that you are able to do your banking whenever it suits you, talk to your bank about their on-line banking application. These PC-based systems let you dial into your bank by modem and pay any of your suppliers or staff electronically. But for Pastel Partner users there is an additional benefit:

Platypus Software have developed an add-on module to the Pastel Partner range which allows you to initiate these transactions from within your Pastel cash book, and up load them directly to your on-line banking program - this means that there is no double entry of information (previously you would have had to recapture all your electronic transfers into your cash book, like conventional cheque / other payments). You'll save loads of time, and be able process payments when it suits you, using Icebound for Pastel and an on-line banking program.

Icebound uses the new Pastel Developers Tool kit to communicate with Pastels core data files, reading cash book transactions that you enter. You determine which supplier you want to pay and how much you wish to pay them, and Icebound combines Pastel transaction information with BUSBY and Account numbers stored for every supplier in Pastel to produce a bank transfer file in an IBA (Australian Banking Association) formalities format is used by all major banks, and has been specifically approved as acceptable for use with their on-line programs by the ANZ Bank, National Australia Bank, Westpac Banking Corporation and Commonwealth Bank.

The key is that banks treat a single transfer file as one transaction no matter how many payments you make in the batch. By paying suppliers in weekly or monthly transfer batches you save on transaction fees. One of the four major Banks gave us these estimated cost-savings.

  • In a cheque run of 100 cheques you could pay:
  • 40c per cheque for Account Keeping Fees
  • A minimum of 40c per cheque Federal Govt Tax (up to $4.00 per cheque based on the value of transaction)
  • 45c per cheque in Postage
  • 32c per pre-printed cheque (where computer pre-printed cheques are used; handwritten cheques are free)
  • Labour Costs (which vary from business to business; handwritten cheques take more time)
  • Stationery, Envelopes, etc. In this example, in just one year (100 cheques per month), your direct costs (excluding time and labour involved) will be a minimum of $1884.00.
  • Using this bank's electronic banking facility and EzeBank you'd pay just $368.80. You will pay a once off fee of about $75.00 for the bank's software. Add to this a one-time fee of $497.00 for the Ezebank for Pastel interface and your direct savings in the first year are still $1188.20. In the second and subsequent years you would save over $1500 each year!
  • FEATURES: The EzeBank system features a Setup Assistant Wizard to assist with quick setting up of basic information.
  • It handles multiple bank accounts (tied to Pastel Cashbook Entry Types) and unlimited numbers of multiple companies. All your EzeBank information is stored within the Pastel Company folder to ensure that this data is backed up using the standard Pastel back-up procedures. EzeBank ships with self-installable disks (the 32-bit Btrieve version is supplied as part of the installation) and a detailed manual. EzeBank will save you heaps of time and quickly pay for itself.


EZeService offers a solution to equipment servicing businesses to operate a single integrated system encompassing equipment maintenance control and financial reporting control. It will record maintenance jobs, produce service requests, capture parts and labour costs related to a job, determine pricing and profits, produce service reports for the client and invoices, and produce standard Pastel financial reporting via the seamless interface to the Pastel Partner Accounting Software.

  • This Equipment Servicing and Invoicing System starts as creation of a job card, allocating parts and labour as you go. It also has an equipment database noting serial numbers and owners of equipment. It will suit companies who service equipment and need to keep track of parts and labour expended on a job.

List of all jobs & quotes in system

  • Enter as a job or a quotation. Once the customer accepts the quotation it can then easily be turned into a job.
  • Visual job matrix allows jobs to be viewed and filtered and acts as a central point for accessing jobs.
  • Jobs can be categorised by service type, job type and equipment type (all user-definable).
  • Job status is set by the user, allowing quick and accurate control of jobs. v Jobs can be quickly copied from another job, to save time.
  • More than one piece of equipment can be associated with one job number. All information relating to a specific job can be viewed from the one screen
  • Click on the tabs to quickly view information relevant to that tab .
  • Enter parts against a job as you use them.
  • Allocate a job number and identify as cash sales or on account. This job number flows through to the Pastel Cost Code and therefore allows use of Pastel's standard Cost Code reporting analysis.
  • Jobs can be gradually invoiced. Therefore multiple invoices within Pastel will all point to the same job number.
  • From within EZeService you can see all your Pastel customers, parts and labour details and GL codes. Work required and service comments are printed on job card and invoice
  • Service report is printed for each job showing details and reference to invoice number generated. Report details the job and expended total labour, miscellaneous charges and an invoice total.
  • Produces various reports such as service request, service reports invoice, service due report, service reminder letter, work in progress, work completed but not delivered, and equipment master listing.
  • Caters for over the counter sales and on-account payments and payment methods. Retains complete service history
  • Equipment Masters stores information relating to specific equipment. You can click on Lto view select from a list.
  • Identify type of equipment, serial number how often equipment is scheduled for servicing.
  • Identify the owner of the equipment.
  • See at a glance the previous service details or next service scheduled.
  • For complete service history click on the Service History button .
  • Original warranty details are displayed. Labour charge-out rates
  • A technician can have different labour charge-out rates. For example you may charge differently for on-site work compared to your workshop or after hours rates.
  • You can enter various technicians and their charge-out rate.
  • Assists with calculating profitability of every job. Reports Equipment Listing by Customer, Equipment Service Due Report, Job Status Report, Technician Report, Technician Job Schedule, Bulk Labour Input, Job Invoice, Job Service Report, Job Card.